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Tricks Of Trade

Baking Tips

Poultry, fish and meat can be baked in covered cookware with a little additional liquid.
The moisture that the liquid adds makes this method particularly good for fish or chicken breasts, which tend to be a little dry.

Grilling Or Broiling Tips

Placing food on a rack and cooking with these methods lets the fat drip away from meat or poultry. It is also a tasty way to cook fish steaks or whole fish.

Sautéing Tips

Fish, poultry and vegetables dishes can be sautéed in an open skillet with little or no fat; the high temperature and motion keep food from sticking.

Try sautéing with a tiny bit of polyunsaturated oil rubbed onto the pan with a paper towel. Better still, use nonstick vegetable spray or sauté in a small amount of broth or wine.

For extra flavor, try marinating food before putting it over the coals or under the broiler. Skewered vegetables also taste great browned over an open flame.

Roasting Tips

Always place a rack in the bottom of the roasting pan, so the meat or poultry doesn't sit in its own fat drippings. And be sure to roast at a low temperature, about 350 F, to avoid searing the meat or poultry and sealing in the fat.

For basting, use fat-free liquids such as wine, tomato juice or lemon juice.

Steaming Tips

Cooking food in a basket over simmering water leaves the natural flavor, color and nutritional value of vegetables intact.
Try adding herbs to the steaming water or using broth instead to add even more flavor to the finished dish.


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