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Tips For Cooking Chinese Foods

1.  When cooking Chinese food at home, the secret lies in using / purchasing absolutely fresh vegetables and finely slicing them for use.

2.  While using vegetables in Chinese cooking remember, French beans are almost always cut diagonally; onions chopped or sliced fine and ginger and garlic crushed. Cabbage, spinach and lettuce are shredded into fairly large pieces unless specified in a particular Recipe.

3.  Make sure that the meat, fish and poultry are always finely sliced besides being fresh and tender.

4.  Most recipes specify which oil to use, but Gingelly oil may be used where no specific instructions have been given.

5.  The use of corn flour in many Chinese dishes helps in three ways:-

It gives meat a light coating which not only makes the coating tender but retains the flavor.

The thickness of the gravy or soup depends on the amount of cornflour used; these vary in different dishes, as a sweet and sour meat dish should be fairly thick and tomato hot and sour soup should be thinner.

Corn flour holds minced meat together and also keeps the moisture in It is used in meat ball dishes.


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