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Chicken & Coconut Milk Soup
Contributed By: Admin
Serves: 1


1 thin coconut milk
1 sm chicken; sectioned and cut 1 bite-sized pieces
3 stalks lemon grass bruised cut into 1 lengths
2 tsp laos powder (ginger)
3 green onions finely chopped
2 tb coriander leaves; chipped
4 fresh serrano chiles seeded, up to 6
2 limes juice
3 tbsp fish sauce



1.  In a saucepan, bring the "Thin" coconut milk to a boil. Add the chicken pieces, lemon grass and Laos powder.

2.  Reduce heat and simmer until the chicken is tender, about 15 minutes. Do not cover as this will tend to curdle coconut milk. When the chicken is tender, add the green onions, coriander leaves and chilies. Bring the heat up just below boiling.
3.  Remove the pan from heat, stir in lime juice, fish sauce and serve.


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