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Prawns on Toast
Contributed By: Admin

The DVD edition of
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



500g (1 lb) green king prawns
1 egg
2 tablespoons corn flour
Salt , Pepper
Thick slices of bread
1 hard boiled egg yolk
1 chicken breast cut in slices

1 shallot
Oil for deep-frying


1.   Shell prawns, leaving tails intact. Remove back vein. Cut down back, gently flatten out prawn. Combine lightly beaten egg with corn flour, salt and pepper, add prawns. Mix well to coat completely.



2.   Remove crusts from bread, cut slices in half (the packaged sliced toast-bread is ideal for this). Put one prawn, cut side down on each piece of bread, gently flatten prawn on bread with palm of hand. With finger, rub over prawn lightly with left over corn flour mixture (this will help topping adhere).

3.   Chop egg yolk into small dice, push on to prawns near tail. Dice chicken into 1 cm (1/2in) squares, put one piece of chicken in center of each prawn. Finely chop shallot, put teaspoon chopped shallot at bottom of each prawn; there should be egg, chicken, and shallot down the center of each prawn.  

4.   Heat oil in large pan, gently ease Prawn Toasts into hot oil. Cook only two or three at a time. Cook until bread is golden and prawns cooked through. Drain well.

5.   Makes approximately 8 pieces.


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