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Cauliflower Salad with Tahina Dressing
Contributed By: Admin
Preparation Time: 25 Minutes
Cooking Time: Nil
Serves 6

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1 small cauliflower, left whole
3/4 cup low-fat yoghurt
1 tbsp orange juice
1 tbsp tahina
1 small onion, sliced finely
1 tsp finely grated orange rind
Sprigs of fresh coriander

1.  Remove outer leaves and trim stalk on cauliflower. Steam for 10 minutes or microwave on High for 4 minutes (cauliflower should remain crisp). Immediately rinse under cold water. Drain well.

2.  Combine yogurt, orange juice and tahina (if mixture is too thick, add a little more orange juice).

3.  Arrange onion rings over cauliflower.

4.  Top with yogurt mixture and sprinkle with orange rind. Garnish with coriander. Cut into wedges to serve.


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