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Sweet Corn Chapati
(Makai Ki Roti)

Contributed By: Admin

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0.5 Kg Maize Flour (Corn meal)
0.25 Kg Brown Sugar 
2 Tsp Aniseed (Saunf) 
Ghee 0.25 Kg
Green Cardamon 4
Cooking Soda 1 Pinch



1.   Take the sugar to mix it with water. Cook it and make a thin syrup. Now take the Cream (Malai) and knead it in this syrup. If this syrup is less add a little milk. 

2.   Add the Aniseed (Saunf), Cardamom seeds and soda to the dough. Make small balls out of the dough, put them in a moist cloth and flatten them well with hand and roller pin. 

3.   Fry them on hot plate in hot ghee or oil till golden on both sides.


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