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Vegetable Pie
Contributed By: Admin
Minced Meat 0.5 Kg
Peas  0.25 Kg
Potato      0.5 Kg
Carrot   0.25 Kg
Milk     1 Glass
Noodles  1/3 Pkt
Eggs    5
Butter     100 gmsl
Cheese   0.5 Cup
Garlic, ginger, green chilies, tomato, black pepper and salt are as per your taste.


1. Boil all vegetable with salt.


2. Boil mince with garlic, ginger, salt and black pepper.

3. Now grease the baking pan.

4. Mash potato and layer it. Spread peas and carrot on it. Now spread noodles on it, put minced meat on it, spread butter and cheese on it.

5. Decorate tomato and green chilies.
6. Now mash Bakarkhani (optional) and spread it.

7. Add salt, black pepper, eggs in milk and mixed it well.

8. Spread this mixture over the pie put the pan into oven on 200C. After 40 or 45 minutes, it will be ready.


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