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The DVD edition of
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

0.5 Kg Puff or flaky pastry
4 CupsSauce
0.5 Kg Macaroni

1 Cup
Grated Cheese
Raw Eggs
2 Hard Boiled Eggs (sliced)
Salt and Pepper
- To taste
1 Aubergine (Sliced and Fried)
6 Small Chicken Pieces (Fried)


1.    Cook macaroni, slightly underdone rinse in cold water and drain.


2.    Roll out two third of the pastry and use a pie dish or a large oven proof dish.

3.    Mix all ingredients together, omitting hard boiled eggs, small chicken pieces and grated cheese.

4.   Place alternate layers of mixed macaroni, hard boiled eggs small chicken pieces, and grated cheese.

5.   Finish with remaining pastry.

6.   Bake in a moderate oven for about one hour, allow Timpano to stand for about fifteen minutes then slice like a cake and serve.


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