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Fried Aubergine With Tzatziki
Contributed By: Admin
Preparation takes about 30 minutes, cooking time takes about 2-3 minutes per batch of aubergine slices.

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The fresh taste of cucumber, mint and yogurt is the perfect complement to rich, fried aubergine slices.
4 small or 2 medium sized aubergines
60g/ 2oz plain flour
Salt and pepper
Vegetable oil for frying

1/4 cucumber, finely chopped or grated
Salt and pepper
15m1/ 1 tbsp olive oil
5ml/ 1 tsp white wine vinegar
1 clove garlic, crushed
140 ml/ 1/4 pint natural yogurt
10 ml/ 2 tsps chopped fresh mint
Whole mint leaves for garnishing


1. Wash the aubergines and dry them. Cut into 5mm / 1/4 inch rounds and lightly score the sides with a sharp knife. Sprinkle both sides with salt and leave to drain in a colander or on paper towels for 30 minutes before using.

Score the aubergine slices on both sides, sprinkle lightly with salt and leave to drain in a colander or on paper towels

2. Sprinkle the cucumber lightly with salt and leave in a colander, slightly weighted down, to drain.

3. Rinse both the aubergine slices and cucumber to remove the salt, pat the aubergine slices dry on paper towels and squeeze excess moisture from the cucumber.

Rinse the cucumber and squeeze, or press between two plates to remove excess moisture

4. Mix the salt and pepper together with the flour and coat the aubergine slices well. Heat the oil to 180C/ 350F and fry the aubergine slices a few at a time. Remove them with a draining spoon to paper towels and sprinkle lightly with salt. Continue with the remaining slices.
Coat the aubergine slices in seasoned flour and fry them, a few at a time in hot oil until they turn golden brown. Remove with a draining spoon.

5. Meanwhile, mix the oil and vinegar until well blended and add the crushed garlic. Mix in the yogurt and add the drained cucumber. To serve, arrange the aubergine slices on individual plates or one large plate and add the Tzatziki Garnish with mint leaves.

Tip: Sprinkling aubergine and cucumber with salt before using draws out excess moisture and bitter juices. Sprinkling deep-fried food lightly with salt while it stands helps to draw out excess fat.


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