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Chicken Drum Sticks
Contributed By: Admin

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Corn Flour - 2 Tbsp
Egg - One
Baking Powder
- 0.25 Tsp
Ajino Moto (Chinese Salt)
- 0.5 Tsp
Self Raising Flour
- 3 Tbsp
Soya Sauce
- 1 Tbsp
- 0.5 Tsp (according to taste)
White Cumin Seeds -
0.5 Tsp


1st Method

Make a thick batter of all the above ingredients. One by one dip the chicken pieces in the batter. Roll it in dried bread crumbs and then deep fry in hot oil on low flame, till the chicken becomes crispy and tender.
Serve hot along with salad.

2nd Method

Take 0.5 Kg Chicken, boil it with salt and pepper. Make mince, and add all the above ingredients along with one finely chopped onion, mashed potato and 4 chopped green chilies. Keep the leg bones separately. Make mince balls and pierce half the bone into the mince ball and pat it to make a rounded to oval shape. Dip the chicken drum sticks in this  batter and roll it in bread crumbs. Deep Fry in oil till it becomes crispy and golden.


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