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Chocolate and Cream Pie
Submitted By: Admin
Cooking time
: 6 minutes
Cooking container
: 8 flat dish
Number of servings: 5-6.

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8 oz (225 gms) Digestive Biscuit  Crumbs
(75 gms)
Butter 3 oz 
(25 ml) Milk 0.5 pint
1 oz (25 gms) Caster sugar
1 oz (25 gms) Plain Flour
1.5 Tsp Corn Flour
2  Eggs
1 oz (25 gms) Butter
3 oz (73 gms) Plain Chocolate


1.  Grease a flat dish.

2.  Melt the butter, stir in the biscuit crumbs and press well into the dish.


3.  Heat the milk and butter for three minutes.

4.  Blend the eggs, sugar flour and corn flour into a smooth paste.

5.  Now slowly add the milk into the egg - mixture.

6.  Heat it, stirring every 30 seconds for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat.

7.  Break in the chocolate and heat for further one minute. Remove from heat and mix well.

8.  Allow to cool slightly. Spoon into a biscuit case and leave in the fridge to set.

9.  Decorate with cream before serving.


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